Innovation in the Oil and Gas Equipment Industry

Mission Statement

We believe that a true alternative to the status quo is the definition of opportunity. Our aim is to promote and integrate the latest technology into the Oil and Gas industry.

Witness Innovation at the GMRC


Come witness innovation first hand at the GMRC Gas Machinery Conference from Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, 2018, in Kansas City, MO at the Kansas City Convention Center. Genis will be debuting new equipment set to revolutionize the oil and gas equipment industry. Genis will display the new Mako Compressor powered by the PSI 11.1 L engine. (more…)

Aeris 24-20 Out for Testing



The Aeris 24-20 Leaving the Shop

The Aeris 24-20 cooler is up and running and out for beta testing. The prototype employs Fresco’s patent pending technology and utilizing adjustable set points to cool gas in one of the most advanced ways to date. (more…)

Our Commitment to Safety

At PC3 Technologies, LLC, the safety of our partners, employees, and customers is of the upmost importance to our company. Working with equipment in the natural gas and oil field can present serious risks and safety hazards due to the nature of the industry. We take considerable precautions while performing any type of field testing, R & D, product development, or other actions that may present health risks. We strictly abide by industry standards for Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) practices.

Developing and testing new technology has the potential to create many threats to the safety of our associates, therefore, PC3 takes great pride in preventing issues and complications before they occur in the field. At PC3, we endeavor to shape an environment that not only maintains the safety of our associates, but also the surrounding community.